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Bill Newsum
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See your change history over time so you know how your changes are affecting your bottom line...
We automatically pull in the history of any changes you make so you can clearly see it on your graph. Hover over a vertical bar to see what changed. 

You'll instantly see how any changes you make are affecting your numbers. You can even undo changes with the click of a button if they're not performing the way you want.
All of your most important metrics, right at your fingertips...
Whether you're at the account level, the campaign level, or the adgroup level, the graphs and change history update automatically. 

Plus, you’ll see an 80/20 analysis instantly showing you your top performing ads… So you can ramp up your top performing keywords.
Here when you need it, gone when you don't...
You can adjust your graph to any size that you want. And if you just want to use the AdWords graph, you can always hide it any time you want.

However once you see for yourself how easy to use it is, you'll never go back to the old graph again!

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